Sidial offers a customer-focused service: from the simple supply of standard products to technical consultancy for optimal selection to a “turnkey” service, which includes design, production and, if necessary, installation and commissioning.


Our consultancy is always of a technical nature: Customers describe their requirements and we work together towards the best solution.
Consultancy engagements can start from existing technical specifications or a simple description of requirements. In the latter case, once the product features have been defined, we shall attach the technical specifications to the offer, enclosing thereto a description of the technical data of the product offered.


Should the requested product fall outside the extensive list of available items, we shall gladly design one ad hoc for you.
The design service is aimed at a subsequent production, so it is only available for product orders above certain volume.


Our service covers all our products and guarantees repair, overhaul and re-calibration with original spare parts to ensure optimal performance over time.
Phone support is highly appreciated to solve connection and utilisation issues in particular applications.

Quality certified

certificato iso 9001 sidial

Corporate quality

From its early days, SIDIAL has implemented a strict a Quality Management System. Moreover, the company is ISO9001 certified since 2005.
The certification has been updated over time following the evolution of the standard, up to the adaptation to ISO9001:2015 in the year 2017.

Product quality

All our products are 100% tested and supplied with calibration certificate/test report, produced with instrumentation verified with LAT certified sample.
All suppliers of design components are checked to guarantee the constancy of quality of the product supplied.

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Sidial offers its technical heritage of experience amassed over nearly thirty years in business. We constantly strive for high quality and reliability.
The company renews itself every day to satisfy the specific market requirements and, thanks to its extreme versatility, manages to satisfy every customer’s needs.

Design capacity

All our products are developed within the company (mechanical drawings, wiring diagrams, PCB development, documentation, etc.)

Flexibility and fast response

Our lean and ever-ready organisation allows a fast response to our customers’ requests.

Technical expertise

Together with our customers, we assess their needs and jointly develop the most suitable solution.


Our extensive 25-year experience in the industry is always available to our customers.

Worth for money

Our solutions boast an excellent price/quality ratio.


Our products are famous for their strength, quality and reliability over time.